Saturday, 28 December 2013

Lazy days after crazy days

Christmas is over for another year!
Now Christmas (or Christmases as the case may be) was lovely with me being lucky enough to have my nearest and dearest to celebrate with and ridiculous amounts of delicious food (and even scored some fabulous gifts!), but you know what? Lawd I am glad that the trauma of it all is over!
Does that sound terrible? How can something so fun be so taxing at the same time?

So festive yet so tiring!
Now with all of the frivolities over and me embarking on a month long holiday from my psycho-bitch-from-hell  trying boss, I can start to kick back a notch and relax.
And I am giving my all to not doing much at all!
I am making it my business to laze and relax as much as possible. Oh yeah!
Since Xmas, my little clan has hung out enjoying some sun (finally!), morning walks with the little black dog, pottering about undertaking housey and crafty projects, sleeping in and staying up late, devouring books, trying not to devour chocolates and shortbread, and LOTS of doing not much.
I have been trying to capture stunning skies....

.... and moments of exhilaration and abandon.

With some warmer weather comes summer frockage and breaking out all of my sunny-good-time dresses.
Bare legs and bare arms - hurrah! (even if I am frighteningly white and doughy.)
And look at what amazing pressies Santa brought me.
 New pink rimmed sunglasses (Santa must know about my obsession with pink!) as seen here worn with a whole lotta op shopped pink goodness and very pasty limbs.
And check out this divine retro bed sheet turned into a 50's dress that was another gift.
Isn't it super groovy with colours and print that make my heart skip a beat with sentimentality because I am pretty sure I have slept on sheets of exactly that print.
And now after all the craziness of Christmas, I have to plan what mischief to get up to for New Years. Hmmmmmm.
Hope everyone survived the festive period with sanity intact and I wish you all a Happy New Year!


  1. White and doughy? Get off with you. From this angle you're as gorgeous as those beautiful skies you've captured! Love the bedsheet dress and the stunner of a number you're wearing. The snaps of the kids playing are wonderful. xxx

    1. Definitely doughy - must just be the angle! XXX

  2. gorgeous glasses! they suit you so much and your dress is fab too - perfect for your month long relax, in the sun and lounging (will the kids be in school?) it's going to be tough but I know you can do it! and you look lovely, none of this white and doughy nonsense!,btw I am 2 tone, my legs are a different colour to the rest of me hehe! x x x

    1. Usually my legs are a different colour too (tandoori tan?) but I have developed a lovely reaction to my fake tan. Not pretty! The kids are on holiday as well (great but also aaaarrrggghhhh!) so we have lots of time to romp and frolic and laze together. Hurrah! XXX

  3. Lovely sunglasses and wonderful summer dress. You look ready for a nice day out and about:) So nice to receive vintage presents for Christmas. I can't wait for some rays of sunshine, hopefully in February when we trek to Florida:)

    1. Sunshine in Florida sounds perfect. Not too long to wait....

  4. I think your version of white and doughy is different to mine, Brooke! You look so pretty in pink, fab sunnies, and your sheet chic frock is a beauty!
    Happy new year to you and your lovely family! xxxx

    1. Happy New Year to you and yours too! May 2014 be filled with lots of laughter and good times! XXX

  5. love the pink dresses on you. beautiful!!!

    happy new year!