Saturday, 18 January 2014

Everyone loves a garden party (and hats of dubious shapes)

Last weekend I donned my glad rags, a beautiful 80's Laura Ashley frock in the most sublime greens and blues, and headed out with a gal pal to the city for an evening of drinkies and laughs.
And what better place to wear such a sweet, lady like dress than a garden party.
Well, kind of a garden party.
An indoor garden party! Confusing, right?
What isn't confusing is how gorgeous this dress is. I was instantly smitten by the cut and glorious floral pattern. I have another Laura Ashley, and find the frocks so beautifully made, and well cut so they fit like a dream and flatter the figure.
I had originally made a little lime green bolero to go with the dress and my heels but after trying it all on I had to tone it down a bit with the black accessories. I know, I know, what a cop out, but there really was a lot going on with the print and mad green colour. Here in Melbourne, amongst the sea of black everyone wears I kind of stuck out anyway!
So where was the garden party?
At the adorable Madame Brussels, a bar that is fitted out to look like you are outside in the garden, complete with vintage lawn furniture, fake turf and a brick path.
And if the cute decor, cheeky menu full of double entendre's  and terribly potent but completely delicious cocktails aren't enough, there are the wait staff. So obliging. So helpful. And so perfectly attired in retro tennis outfits. Yep, there is a whole lot of teeny tiny, tighty whitey's going on.
It is a wonderful place to enjoy a tipple and relax on the balcony if you are ever in Melbourne.
For such a civilised evening I thought it only proper to try out a new style of hat I devised.
I had a little play with my pattern so it wrapped around my head just so, and then drew it up.
And found that it looked suspiciously like a part of the male anatomy.
Is it my subconscious wanting me to parade around with a dick on my head?  I have been called a dick head many a time but don't think I have worn one before. I'm sure a therapist would have a field day!
Anyway, I followed the same plan as here, and made up felt flowers in shades to match my dress and sewed them on my, ahem, base , wired it all up and wore it with pride.
Such lovely colours!
It doesn't look like the a fore mentioned male appendage now, does it? Does it? But I know, and giggle and snicker like a teenager when ever I think about it. Te he he!
Small things amuse small minds!
Have you been anywhere fancy lately?


  1. You are funny! I do love your colorful hat and only you will quite know the meaning when you are out and about and get comments about how wonderful it is:)

    1. Yep, sometimes its nice to have a dirty little secret!

  2. Who knew the male appendage could look so nice?! it definitely doesn't look like a penis once embellished (I said it! I lowered the tone! haha!!) another stunner, definitely! you make wonderful hats and now with extra sauce! this would amuse me too as I have a very tiny mind! the Laura Ashley dress is gorgeous!! you look beautiful as ever Brooke x x x

    1. I am not sure you could lower the tone anymore. I think I did that already! The hat is better after embellishment, the flowers hide the shape. But it is still a little snigger worthy! XXX

  3. Those hues really are as inviting as gorgeous as a tropical lagoon! Laura Ashley's 1980s frocks are amongst my very favourite any brand created that decade. I love how well they work for 50s looks and their excellent quality, too. You look as pretty as a picture here, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Thank you very much for the splendidly sweet birthday wishes for Annie.

    1. I love Laura Ashley frocks soooo much too. They are always stunners, and every now and then you can still find one for a reasonable price.
      PS. Annie is very welcome!

  4. Beautiful frock, and the Dickhead Hat (as it shall henceforth be known!) is a triumph! Now that looks like a cool place to go and drink potent cocktails, how fabulous, far fancier than anywhere I have been lately! xxx

    1. Ah, henceforth it will always be known as the Dick head Hat! Hurrah! Madame Brussels is rather fancy and flirty - perfect for the hot summer we are experiencing at the moment. Although when you are hot those very potent cocktails go down a little too easily! XXX

  5. You look wonderful in your outfit. I think it would have been an overdose of green with a green bolero (and I love green) but the black breaks it up nicely. And your pretty hat is really stunning... no one will know the secret it's hiding XD Except all your followers^^

    1. It was definitely too much green (it ain't easy being green....). I adore green as well but when you start to look a bit like Kermit it is time to put the green away!