Friday, 24 January 2014

Keeping my cool

I am back at work again.
I could see no way to get around it. I hadn't won lotto and none of my family would break my leg for me so I could have a lovely little relaxing stay at home for a bit longer. Heartless bastards.
So I have had to return to the dragons lair and battle it out with my exasperatingly incompetent boss.
It boggles the mind that I work with completely confused and agitated dementia sufferers that are easier to work with and much more rational than my boss.
Hold tight while I have a little tanty to help me through
So I have been trying very hard to keep my cool. Be chilled. Think happy thoughts.
And sometimes I can. Sometimes.
And sometimes I have to go into a small supply cupboard where I have a voodoo doll of the offending woman and really get stuck into that little blighter.
Whatever gets you through, right?
Last week I was also trying to keep cool, but in a completely different way.
We were sweltering in Melbourne with days of 40 plus degrees leaving me a melted, sweaty mess.
My makeup decided it really didn't want to stay adhered to my face and my hair decided it wanted to hang limply and be frizzy at the same time.
And don't even get me started on inner thigh chaffing!
I had to try and pull together outfits that didn't make feel like spontaneously combusting as soon as I left the house.
I quite liked my cobalt blue Leona dress with some mustard accessories. And the fabric is deliciously light and comfortable.
I discovered this green frock at the bottom of my sewing pile, looking unloved and a little grotty, but also looking cool enough to wear in the heatwave. So after a soak, wash, nip and tuck it finally got some summer lovin'.
 And is there anything more suited to summer than this adorable vintage 'Anne Stooke" blue number? C'mon people it has a sun shining happily on my boob and a patchwork palm tree. Pure sunshiny happiness!
It also buttons up the back which it turns out is really hard to do when only your children are home to help .
We suffered through the heat, wilting and whinging and even had to get through a power shortage in our area during the hottest day. It only lasted a few hours but I was already frantic and planning how we would survive this apocalyptic world where not even McDonald's was open.
 Look at my poor crispy plants! Oh, I know how they felt.
 So we cooled off with yummy, ice cold smoothies.
 And lots of  banana Paddle Pops.
 We had to eat them when the power went off. It would have been terribly wasteful to let them melt in the slowly defrosting freezer, so we did our bit and ate them all.
 We also rediscovered the fun of our wading pool.
A whole lotta fun can be had in knee high water!

The pool and some icy cold drinks did the job nicely.
How do you keep cool?


  1. I lived in south Florida for 23 years where we had days on end of 93 degree F. temps with humidity of 90% or more, and I can tell you I NEVER looked as cool as you do in these pictures!! You might have been uncomfortable, but you sure didn't look it! BTW, been to Melbourne, what a great city! Gloria

    1. Hi Gloria! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Florida's humidity sounds terrible - that is what I always find the killer. I go all limp and moan a lot. Melbourne is a wonderful city and I really wouldn't love anywhere else. You just have to get used to four seasons in one day!

  2. Oh Brooke! all of your outfits are gorgeous!! Sunshine boobies and bun hair, I love it all - back to work? it's a bugger especially with incompetent bosses, it's very symbolic you have a 'chain' style necklace on, it is pretty though - the heat sounds bonkers, I hear ya with the chafing!! but the pool is the best for the kids - last year I had evening dips in ours to cool down, which in retrospect probably disturbed the poor neighbours no end x x x

    1. Yeah, the heat has been bonkers but we had a cool day yesterday but are gearing up for more stinkers in the next few days. Luckily our pool is tucked away in a little niche of the yard where no one else can see me frolicking in my cozzie with the kids. No one but my poor family needs to see that! XXX

  3. You're rocking one of my absolute all-time colour pairings in that first set of photos (royal blue and mustard). In fact, I was just saying to Tony earlier today how very much I love mustard paired with either deep blue or a fab plumy-purple. All of these looks are splendidly stylish and beautifully colour coordinated.

    While it might not cool you off much, I hope that this will at least help perk up your day (I emailed you, via Google Plus, about it yesterday, but in case you didn't get my message...) - you, my dear Brooke, won Chronically Vintage's giveaway for one of etsy artist Debra Lynn Mejia's prints. Many happy congrats!!!

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Huzzah!!!! I am so excited and happy and rapt! Thanks so much Jessica! XXX

  4. It may be stupidly hot where you are but you look as cool and beautiful as ever, Brooke!
    Love the cobalt/mustard combination (why have I never thought of that?), the green dress is a beauty and needed to be rescued and worn, and the Eternal Sunshine on the Boob dress is adorable, buttons and all! I have a jumpsuit which buttons at the back - dreadful for going to the loo on one's own, it definitely requires a helpful friend or child to assist...
    Great pool pics. Can't think about cooling off strategies - we are in blanket-over-the-knees and glove territory here!
    PS. Sorry your boss is so hopeless. Deep breaths, calm thoughts... xxxx

    1. Yeah, I had never tried the cobalt and mustard either before either but I dig it. I will be giving the combo many more outings now I know they go so well. Even though I am happy with the sunshine I kind of wish I was in the glove and coat weather like you. Soon. Soon. And yes, by boss is a total tit but I have my coping mechanisms (thinking terribly violent thoughts and vodka) and I shall try and put up with her. XXX

  5. What beautiful dresses - I'm absolutely jealous now^^

  6. i really love the green dress. this little beauty was worth to invest time and love in it!

    1. I love it too! It did look a bit like a mu mu to start with but it is cool and comfy now.