Tuesday, 4 February 2014

What's under your dress?

I am so not a fancy underwear kind of girl. (Can you tell?)
I would love to be, don't get me wrong. I dream of owning flimsy lacy beauties, sheer little bits that drape and caress and somehow demand attention.
Gorgeous concoctions that magically pull you in, push you up and make you feel like a goddess.
And yet when I go underwear shopping it is not that fantasy that I end up buying. Oh no. I go for the practical, serviceable and boring. No lovely colours. No pretty styles. Ho hum to the extreme!
Because as much as I love the look of beautiful lingerie, I'd rather buy something pretty that I get to show off and wear on the outside. Something that everyone can enjoy, not just me!
Despite never dropping a bundle on my unmentionables I do love vintage petticoats and am happy to adopt them whenever I unearth one on my op shopping adventures.
For me, there is nothing more  seductive and sexy than the feeling of stiff crinoline swishing
 around me.
 I love how a skirt perks up with a petticoat underneath and adore glimpsing that petticoat peeking cheekily from under skirts.
(I also love Little Misses impromptu dance/pose. In her pyjamas. With the craziest of crazy bed hair!)
 I love how confident and saucy I feel with those extra layers underneath me.
And  a huge crinoline can act as a personal space protector and rebuff others - Oh yes, Peaches McGinty I remember your tales of big petticoats!
I have recently added three more lovelies to my collection and have already put them to good use despite Melbourne's heat causing the stiffer petticoats to turn into itchy, welt inducing torture devices.
Now this one is definitely not for everyday. This little lady is for night time shenanigans involving loud music, passionate dancing and tall glasses of something delicious.
 So much body and oomph, she can stand up by herself! And check out that gold edging!
The gorgeous older lady at the op shop who sold me this one asked if I would really wear it and when I assured her I would, began reminiscing about her youth during the 50's in the States. She told me that she would wear 3 !!! of these crinolines under her dresses before going to dances, but was always wary of the boys who would use mirrors to look up girls skirts.
She was so adorable and even covered my sons ears when recounting her stories so that he wouldn't get any naughty ideas!
 I couldn't resist another hand bag that seemed to go so well with all my purple for the day.

Are you a fancy underwear kind of gal?
Are there pieces of underwear that converted you?


  1. My underwear falls into the 'sturdy' category, I tried a thong/g string once and nearly came a cropper when I sat down and I had a wonderbra that put my boobs just under my chin, so now under my clothes I am restrained in underwear that my Nan would approve of - you are right about a pretty petticoat though (and thank you for the shout out!) the black one is magnificent isn't she! and I do like the demurer ones too, so pretty under your gorgeous skirt and with great stories, isn't is great their party days are still going on. I LOVE the pic of you and Little Missus, she has the cutest bed hair ever! purple is such a gorgeous colour on you, no wonder you got the bag too, you had too! x x x

    1. I'm with you - sturdy all the way! I have never been able to wear a wonderbra as I find them sooo uncomfortable. Actually all of that fancy underwear is so uncomfortable. Why do them make it all so painful? XXX

  2. You and Little Miss are total babes, just look at you! I love your purple skirt and that black petticoat is a work of art.
    I'm not an underwear girl at all, I rarely bother, seems like a waste of money for something nobody sees. xxx

    1. No underwear? Well that would solve the uncomfortable undies and bra problem! But I agree that fancy underwear seems such a waste. I'd rather spend the money on pretty frocks and vodka! XXX

  3. Ooh, such gorgeous petticoats, they are real beauties!
    Undies aren't really my thing, though unlike Vix, I do wear them (I like my boobs anchored in place!) Big suck-it-in-smooth-it-out pants and a decent bra, that'll do me. Nothing delicate and wispy, that wouldn't work on my body at all!
    Love the black/purple combo, and Little Miss is adorable, bedhead and all! xxx

    1. Spanx pants are horrid to wear but I do love them so for what they do. And I am of the belief that the bigger the better! Nothing wispy and delicate for me either! XXX

  4. awesome outfit. i love it!

    i don't wear fancy under wear too. it's because i can't wear underwire bras for almost 15 years ... it's a health thing blahblah. you never find fancy bras without a underwire. actually i'm quite happy to have found some lables that produce bras that look like underwire bras without having a underwire. their breath taking colour palette: white, black, skin coloured.

    1. I try never to wear under wire as well. Just too bloody uncomfortable! Maybe someone will be clever enough to create a range of beautiful and comfortable underwear one day. Can't be to much to ask!

  5. By modern standards, most of my underpinnings are fancy (seamed stockings! crinolines! bullet bras! girdles!), but much like yourself, I tend to stick to practical vintage or vintage appropriate pieces and save my modern wardrobe dollars to spend primarily on what the rest of the world will see. That said, I do have a few special pieces that always get the mister's pulse racing... :)

    Love this fantastic outfit! Black and purple look so smart and polished together.

    ♥ Jessica