Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The powers of attraction

Please forgive my thrown-together-going-to-the-market ensemble.
I am definitely not sold on this outfit but have been dying to wear this newly op shopped 70's skirt with its gorgeous colours, but with its slightly too big waist and my laziness to put a few darts in, it has languished on my sewing pile. (I like to call the sewing pile the "mountain of misery"!)
I also haven't found just the right shade of pink top to pair it with (I know, I know, but these are the things that keep me up at night!)
But I threw caution to the wind, threw on the skirt anyway for a spot of treasure hunting at the local market.
And after scoring some vintage purple gloves for $3 (I am aiming to own a pair of gloves in every shade!), I encountered the phenomena I have spoken about on this blog before.
Colour attracting colour.
 It just keeps happening to me!
I discovered a lovely stall with a girl clearing out some vintage bits and bobs (alas, all the clothing was waaaayy too small for this curvy lass!) and lo and behold, two stunning vintage head pieces in the exact shades I was wearing. Fate! Perfect match! Meant to be!
Aren't they just divine? And do you see how beautifully the colours marry?

Does the universe do this "colour attracting colour" thing with anyone else?
Go on, wrack your brain and try to remember if, whilst out thrifting/op shopping/marketing, the clothes you are wearing determines the goodies that you find. Hmmmmm?
Now, it is definitely not an isolated incident. Two weeks ago I was all decorated with red accessories, when my hand magically stopped rifling through the clothes rack at the Salvo's, to alight upon one of the most stunning, the most bargainous red Stop Staring dress that ever was.
I think it was one of my proudest moments when I swapped my $13 for that beauty and then found it on line for almost $200. On sale!
Wearing this.
Found this!
Isn't she amazing? I can't wait to wear her but feel she deserves a special night out (and she also needs some bloody good underwear to keep my curves under control!).
Please tell me if you have experienced these powers of colour attraction, or break it to me gently if I may just be imagining it!

PS - A big thank you to Sacramento for your lovely shout out!


  1. That Stop Staring dress is gorgeous, what a find! I'm dying to see you wearing it! The rose print frock is a stunner, too!
    That tee shirt works brilliantly with the pretty skirt, I love the "mountain of misery", I know what you mean.
    Yes, colour does attract colour, it must leave an imprint in our brain and we automatically hone into it when we're out chazzing. x

  2. Wonderful indeed, dear Brooke.
    You are in my post today.

  3. I'm not sure about colour attracting colour, but I definitely get in a colour groove, and find myself wearing similar shades several days in a row before I shake myself and move on! That red dress is an absolute beauty, and the headpieces are a great find. I think the pink top look just fine with the floral skirt, you always look so beautifully co-ordinated, Brooke! xxx

  4. this happens to me all the time!
    not only with what i wear but with home dec too. i think about a corner of the house and what it needs and what color - and at the next fleamarket or antiques store it´s there :-)
    chic outfit!!!!

  5. Sweet pictures and great looks! :)


  6. Those head pieces are just divine! gorgeous, gorgeous pieces, I can't wait to see you in them! and your stop staring dress is delectable! I like your market outfit, reminds me of an early 50's Italian movie day outfit - I think I aim towards colour a lot and certain patterns, I suppose it's quite a safe option, must try harder! x x x

  7. I think it's a really charming "popping to the shops" ensemble. I love the colour palette at work in it in particular. I'm so, so ready to embrace the lighter, more effervescent colours of spring and summer like the charming aqua and feminine pink once more.

    Marvelous ensembles one and all, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. Congratulations on such a stellar deal on your Stop Staring dress. I've eye'd them online but never actually tried one on. What a deal! And, can I say that I just LOVE that your rock chunky bead necklaces. Love your outfits dear Brooke!

  9. What a gorgeous dress! And the skirt, and head pieces as well, I love pink, not all the time, but I have my pink obsession at times ;) I noticed myself colour attracts colour, when I wear one colour for a long time and I enjoy it I keep finding more pieces in it! :)