Monday, 31 March 2014

Lady in red and lady luck.

Image from Debra Lynn Mejia's etsy store.

I consider myself to be a lucky person.
I have soooooo much to feel thankful for. I adore my life and know that I am blessed .
But I am not lucky in the respect that I win things.
The best I can boast is a  $14 win at lotto, or a meat tray won at the local pub. I am definitely not one of those naturally fortunate people that have money and prizes raining down on them.
(In my family we call people like that, "tinny" and shake our heads and lift our eyes to the heavens when speaking of those "tinny" ones as if they are some strange other worldly creatures.)
So you can imagine my utter delight when I discovered I had won a giveaway from the gorgeous Jessica at Chronically Vintage (her knowledge on vintage is only surpassed by how truly lovely she is!).
Me? Won! What the?
I was lucky enough to win a beautiful illustration from the very talented Debra Lynn Mejia and chose the "Lady in Red -Lola" water colour knowing that it would have the perfect spot in my daughters room to hang.
Isn't it perfect?
My daughter adores her new picture and I love how the red in the painting plays off the red of the wall.
The illustration is beautifully done and Lola is a vision in her amazing red dress with her rolled hair and cats eye liner.
 A HUGE thank you to both Jessica and Debra for their generosity. 
Maybe I am luckier than I thought. I may just have to go buy another tattslotto ticket right now!


  1. What a beautiful illustration - well done for winning her. She looks gorgeous in your pretty room. xxx

  2. Beautiful illustration indeed. I never enter anything for the same reason, hahahhaha
    There is a link to my original dress in my post.
    Have a fantastic day, amd may you get all of the sunshine I am sendinf your way.

    1. Just had a peek at your dress.Amazing and beautiful! XXX

  3. Congratulations!! she's beautiful! and perfect in your daughters room - isn't it blooming wonderful when Lady Luck shines our way sometimes x x x

    1. It is pretty bloody good when Lady luck does shine on us! XXX

  4. Awww, Brooke honey, you are too sweet for words. Thank you very much for warming my heart to its core with your resplendent kindness. I'm thrilled that you won and love both the print you selected from Debra and where you've chosen to display it. I hope that it continues to bring you and your daughter each great joy every time you ladies see it for many years to come.

    ♥ Jessica

    1. Every time I catch sight of it I smile, so I think we will both be enjoying it forever. XXX

  5. I'm the same - never win a raffle, competition, quiz, bingo, nothing. But I HAVE won a couple of blog giveaways, so clearly Blogging Luck is different. Lola is a beautiful lady in red and looks great on Little Miss' wall! xxx

  6. Brooke, I'm so happy my print of Lola - Lady in Red found a beautiful home. I love the way you have decorated your daughter's room. I'm sure she will grow up to be just as stylish as her mother:) Congrats again!