Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Getting my fat on at Fat Bobs

I apologise  for being absent lately.
I am tardy with reading blogs, commenting and responding. I am terribly tardy with clothes washing, grocery shopping and cleaning but that doesn't seem to matter as much.
But I have actually, finally, belatedly, done some homework. Huzzah! Yay! Go me! I'm not finished or even close to be honest, but I am giving it a red hot go. I have battled the evil procrastination monster, given it a swift bitch slap to the head and told it to bugger off!
And whilst I was feeling virtuous, responsible and rather grown up (not my normal state of being let me assure you!), I did something else......I joined the gym!
Which is definitely something else I have been putting off for ages.
Now, I haven't quite become one of those people that "enjoy" exercise yet. I mean, come on, how can a person enjoy having a sweaty crotch, beetroot red face, and feeling as if I am about to simultaneously pass out and throw up. Who wants to feel humiliated and mildly retarded because they can't coordinate their limbs like everyone else. Not pleasant. Not fun. Not enjoyable.
But I cracked a smile during Zumba the other day and didn't want to throw myself in front of a car at the thought of returning to the treadmill. So that is progress, right?
After all that huffy puffy, the last thing you'd expect for me to do would be to hit up a burger joint last weekend, but that is exactly what my little clan did. (And that is why I need to go the gym!).
We had heard wonderful reviews about Fat Bobs and it really didn't disappoint.

Check out this bad boy!
Crunchy, sweet onion rings so good I could marry one.
I was really jealous of my sons lime spider and burger as the kids buns tasted like toasted do nut. 
Heavenly tasting but terribly wicked on the weight!
It wasn't the cheapest burger I have ever had but it was really yummy and the restaurant itself was filled with the most amazing memorabilia and vintage signage.

And now after that splurge it is back to the treadmill. Arrgghhh!
How do you feel about exercise? Do you despise it or love it?
Any tips on getting fit? (besides not going to burger joints!)


  1. Hurrah, you are back! I have missed you - I love you bitch slapped procrastination! excellent stuff! but my goodness you have been busy and Fat Bob sounds brilliant and the food does look deliciously wicked (my body is now evilly rejecting all nice food, it's my age, it sucks hehe) and bravo on exercise, I do applaud you, apparently it's very good for us all, I don't do any at all, I have things I try and than get bored, so don't listen to me! ps gorgeous pic of you and your babies x x x

    1. I have missed everyone! I have missed my bloggy buddies! Apparently exercise is very good but why, oh, why doesn't it feel good? It feels awful most days but I am hopeful that my bloody body will thank me for it eventually. I find a lot boring too so I hope I can stick to it. And them bring on more fat Bobs! XXX

  2. Well done for cracking on with your homework, and joining a gym. I am very impressed that you find time to fit everything in, Brooke, I feel terribly lazy in comparison... I do no exercise at all, apart from walking everywhere. I used to, years ago, and never, ever got to like it, I just did it so I could eat what I liked and stay the same size. So shallow!
    Fat Bob's looks great - onion rings, mmmm!
    Great frock too. xxx

    1. Don't congratulate me yet! Hopefully it will all last - but I do have a bad track record with sticking to things. And I am having trouble with my natural lazy tendencies - most days I just want to curl up with a good book! I think walking is excellent exercise and if I could get away with it that is all I would do. XXX

  3. Your dress is beautiful! I think you would look great in some of our vintage dresses :)
    Becky x

    1. Hey Becky! You have a great selection of gorgeous dresses. I will definitely keep checking out your store. Thanks for stopping by! XXX

  4. Seeing you with your childresn is fantastic.
    I hate, hate, hate gyms, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Life is far too sort for them, lol
    I love walking thou. I walk everywhere.

    1. I kind of hate gyms too but I am hoping that if going lets me eat what I want then I will persevere. Nothing beats a lovely walk though! XXX

  5. This is such a splendidly pretty ensemble! I love how fresh beige/tan + dark pink feel. It's an inspiring colour combo and one that more folks should cozy up to, if you ask me. Every element of this look is marvelous, but I'm especially smitten with your beautiful handbag.

    Big hugs & scores of happy (slightly early) St. Patrick's Day wishes!
    ♥ Jessica

    1. It is funny that I never really liked beige until this dress. I think that the pink and green accents in this dress really lift it. Unfortunately my awesome handbag is starting to look very worse for wear around the handle and will need attention soon if I don't want to completely lose all the colour. Hugs back and hope you have a very happy St Pats.