Thursday, 12 December 2013

Night prowling

Down my neck of the woods summer appears to be a figment of our collective imaginations.
We have had a couple of warmish days where we basked and frolicked, played outside, tackled some gardening in the ramshackle and neglected front yard and even filled our blow up pool in readiness for the heatwave that we were sure was just around the corner. I even dug out my breezy cotton frocks and bared my deathly pale legs.
But then nothing happened. No more hot days. No more sunshine. Just a whole lotta this....
Grey, dismal, depressing skies.
I am still wearing cardigans and tights and those summer dresses are still languishing in the wardrobe.
And I was so excited because as well as amazing summer fruits, beachy adventures and leisurely family holidays, summer  means I get to take long balmy night time walks.
I LOVE to walk at night. Just me, my little black dog and my thoughts.
I like to wonder about the people cocooned inside the houses I walk past, imagining all the different  moments that are being played out, seeing if the facades of the houses unlock any clues to who lives inside.
I promise I am not a weirdo peeping tom (but then that is exactly what a weirdo peeping tom would say!), I just like to prowl at night.
Sometimes if I am feeling particularly frisky I give a little run a try. Let me tell you, running is not my natural style. I am no gazelle, and am definitely not built for speed. I am more sloth or turtle. I am a saunterer, a meanderer, a plodder.
But sometimes, when the running bug hits, I can't seem to stop myself from breaking into an ungainly shambling stride. I love the feeling of the wind whipping and burning my cheeks as I pound along the footpath, and on those warm summer nights, the feel of the night air on clammy skin as I huff and puff.
Oh, but how I loathe the surprise attacks of the cobwebs and trying to prise those revolting silken threads from that clammy skin
I love to watch the car head lights create playful dancing shadows and the little black dog become some strange elongated shadow creature. All of the normal neighbourhood sights become surreal and sometimes menacing but exciting in the night.
So come on Summer! I need me a good night prowl!
At least the Little Miss and I did get to try the summer dresses on and play in the back yard, however briefly, but now I have a taste for that delicious heat, I need more.
Bring on water gun fights, dinners outside, cicada's singing and hearing the kids shriek in delight as they enjoy dashing under the waters spray.


  1. Come on sunshine, Brooke's waiting for ya! What a tease, to have a few nice days then for it all to turn grey...
    That's such a pretty frock, I love a floral print on a black background. Ha, Little Miss and your pup look adorable!
    So you're a night prowler and Peeping Tom and secret runner - you're full of surprises! I am no runner either, my pelvic floor isn't up to it (TMI? Sorry!) xxxx

  2. How fun is your post, very well written and full of a sense of rhythm. Your outfit is just lovely and I too would not like cobweb accessories. At least the spider didn't hitch a ride:) I'd enjoy your days of cool weather as I'm sure hot sunshine is soon headed your way just as icy cold weather is headed my way:P I'd much prefer the sunshine. Your daughter is a gem:) A wonderful picture of the two of you.

  3. What a lovely read, you're a great writer as well as gorgeous! I hate these grey, gloomy days and am counting down to feeling the sun on my skin again! x

  4. Vix is right, you do write beautifully - grey skies are so miserable, it seems to be the colour sky of choice here too love the night prowling and running about with your cutie pie dog, I can't run, I lurch forward and hope my legs catch up! your dress is fabulous, you are gorgeous Missus! and Little Miss is just a posing legend! x x x

  5. WE have beaten you to it! It's summer here big time! Night walking is fun.. but I'm not brave enough to do it without a dog..