Saturday, 7 December 2013

One hat, two hats, three hats.....

Just to take a break from hand bags, I have been unearthing some lovely hats lately.
For an age I have been yearning and pining for a vintage straw so when I found this beauty at Bottom Drawer Antiques I snapped it up. The lovely lady working there and I, tried on every hat in the cabinet (wouldn't you love to work in a vintage shop so you could do that!), and whilst there were some real beauties I fell for this one.
 It has the most adorable black velvet leaf detail and the net is all intact. Score!
 And then, there I was, wandering one of my local oppies, when I overheard (yes I am  terrible eavesdropper!) the worker mentioning that they had had a collection of hats donated. My ears pricked up and I practically bolted to where she was, to admire a whole cabinet of amazing vintage hats from the 50's and 60's.
 So many hats! But unfortunately the op shop had done their research and had priced them accordingly. I wanted them all, but I had to whittle down my purchases to this breathtaking white and pearl beaded half hat that makes me want to go to the opera and show it off....
...and this stunning black velvet birdcage number that I unfortunately can't seem to photograph on my head as it blends into my hair. Oh well, despite not photographing well it is beautiful and I love it so.
There are another two hats that I have in my beady sights but because the festive season is upon us and others may want gifts this year (selfish aren't they!) I have to just hold off and hope that the hats stay hidden in the cabinet so I can pounce on them later.
 I lied about the bags! Of course I am still buying bags! It would be abnormal not to buy bags!
 I did find this great red case.....
 .....that now keeps my beauties warm and safe....
...and this vibrant, ethnic inspired bag that lifts any outfit.
So, a pretty good haul, huh?
What have you been finding lately?


  1. Wonderful hats dear Brooke! I'm so in need of some decent hat boxes. Maybe this is what I should do next browse through ebay to see if I can find a nice hat train case. I'm looking for a Samsonite one from the 50's. I do love your pearl 50's hat. Lovely!

    1. A lady has to have somewhere to store her lovelies and these vintage travel cases are great. Hope you find what you are looking for.

    2. oh they are fabulous hats! you have scored well *fingers crossed the others are still there after Christmas* also bags with pom-poms! always a winner! love it!, the red case is essential I think, you know to keep everything safe, it was a sensible decision! x x x

    3. Fingers crossed indeed! Maybe Santa will bring me a couple more (are you listening Santa?). Hah, I don't often make sensible decisions, but I agree that the red case was essential. XXX

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Another addiction that is fast taking over my life!

  3. Well, OBVIOUSLY, if a Lady has a Hat Collection, she also requires a Case in which to keep it!
    Such very, very pretty hats, Brooke, and you wear them beautifully. Fingers crossed the ones you are coveting are still there when funds allow... xxxx

    1. I have my fingers, toes and eyes crossed! XXX

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! hat envy! all those hats are so loveable. i would wear them right away ...