Wednesday, 26 December 2012

It was the day after Christmas.....

It is over! I can breath a sigh of relief now that Christmas is officially over, but strangely I kind of wanted the day to keep going, to somehow fit more fun in. Yesterday afternoon as we were all travelling home, all exhausted from love, laughter and lots of fantastic food, I had that empty pang that you get when something great is coming to an end, like the Sunday 4pm blues or the misery you feel on the last day of your holidays.
I always wonder how everyone else celebrates Christmas. Does everyone else play with all of the kids toys? Is there an impromptu cricket or footy game in the backyard. Is there a tipsy Aunt telling embarrassing stories from years gone. Are there multiple groans of bursting, fat tummies from way too much pudding.  I'd love to know how your Christmas went, warts and all! (Maybe then my families little quirks and traditions might seem normal.)
I thought I would show you a glimpse of what my Christmas was like.
This is before cyclone" Christmas Morning" hits....
and this is after.
So much time spent wrapping presents, and so little time to rip them all to shreds!
Because opening presents is soooo exhausting french toast smothered in maple syrup and strawberries seemed wise to keep our energy up. I was inspired by A Beautiful Mess and Emma's Crispy french toast and let me tell you, it was incredible.
Ahh, the childish joy to be found in jumping up and down on the new trampoline.
New wheels for the lady.
New wheels for the fella.
Happy kids, happy family, happy day!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!



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