Friday, 28 December 2012

And the zombie's shall inherit the earth.

I love motivational prints - found on pinterest here.

Wasn't the earth supposed to end on the 21st of December?
Those doomsday tricksters gave me a right scare. Not only did I have to prepare for the mammoth undertaking of Christmas, then the bloody end of the world had to be thrown in the mix aswell.
So I prepared for, what I could only assume, was going to be the zombie apocalypse. I hoarded chocolate and biscuits (enough for atleast 3 hours if we rationed them), educated myself with all of the zombie movies and TV shows I could gather (actually quite a vast collection as I loooove watching  a good bit of undead zombie hijinks) and made an inventory of all the zombie killing tools at my disposal( knitting needles? Bic razor? Large french bread stick?). I have even taken part in the Melbourne zombie shuffle to become one with my enemy and learn their weaknesses.
Its not wrong to expose my 6 year old to blood and gore is it? Nah, I didn't think so either.
When the world didn't implode or suddenly turn in to a crazy blood orgy of flesh eaters it wasn't that I wasn't happy and delighted to live another day, it was just that I was, well, a bit disappointed that I couldn't utilise the expansive set of skills that I had acquired.
Oh well, I'm sure that my zombie knowledge will hold me in good stead one day, and until that day comes I will further my studies with such excellent learning material as Zombie Strippers and Sean of the Dead. Because, as we all know, the zombies shall one day rise......
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