Sunday, 30 December 2012

Basking in the favour of the gods.

The op-shopping gods have been smiling on me lately, with me unearthing so many treasures lately. Bountiful, wonderful places like Vinnie's, Salvo's and Savers have been laden with dress shaped goodies. A veritable deluge of frocks has rained down upon me, and I have been basking in the bounty.
When I discover a pretty dress, a lovely handbag or an amazing curio, I feel that if I didn't buy it I would be terribly rude and ungrateful. The op-shopping gods have carefully placed it there in front of me to find because they in their infinite wisdom, knew that I somehow needed it. Even if I wasn't aware that I needed it. And who am I to deny or refuse fate.
So even if I am always on the hunt for the rare, unusual and vintage, I'm not going to spit in the face of the op-shop gift horse and not buy a cool dress just because it's not exactly original. I'm not a purist. I'm no vintage Nazi. I'm a bit of a frock tart - I'm up for anything as long as I think it's purty. I'm very happy to wear vintage inspired and try to achieve a feel of years gone by. You can always pull together a look inspired by a certain era, using very modern clothing pieces. Just take a gander at the divine Ulrika at The Freelancers Fashionblog. She has the most amazing style and very often uses reproduction clothing and divine hairstyles and make-up to achieve her look.
So here are a few of my recent discoveries; lovelies that have the feel of vintage but aren't.

I am smitten with this dress with its sexy bust detail, and very full skirt that is just made for twirling.
And at $7 I would have been crazy to say no.
The panels and bust are a cute black polka dot. I am such a sucker for dots.
The dress is labelled Chicstar and I'm guessing it is a European brand.
 I found this sweet day dress at  Savers for less than a tenner. I'm calling it my Susie Home-maker because I feel like a 50's housewife in it.
And how well do my new hasbeens from Lotta from Stockholm go with both dresses.
I am loving these shoes now that the Melbourne summer is letting me wear them. I think they may be the shoes that go with everything. Although I am planning on getting the black. And then maybe the nude...
How do you feel about vintage inspired clothing?
What vintage reproduction brands do you love?

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  1. These frocks ROCK!
    I love vintage AND vinatge inspired, but am too tight arsed to buy a repro frock! Tried a couple of Trashy Diva's when I was in New Orleans, though...tempting...X