Saturday, 15 December 2012

Dear Santa....


Dearest Santa,
                      How are you? I hope that you, Mrs C and all the elves are doing well and coping well what with all the crazy busy-ness of the season. Has Rudolph had his nose sorted out or is it still flickering?
I have been a very, very good girl this year (we won't even mention those terrible thoughts I sometimes harbour about my boss - that's normal, right?) I have tried really hard to be happy, happy nice, nice to people that don't usually deserve it, and I have made a real effort to eat my greens.
For Christmas I'd really like world peace, good health for all of my loved ones, a cure for cancer, Alzheimer's and the terrible things people do to each other. And... well, if there is any room in your sleigh then I may have picked out a few teeny tiny pieces that I think would like to come live at my house. Like these.....
Vintage 1950's green prom dress from Bohemian Bisoux on Etsy.
Vintage blue grey fascinator from Flatiron Vintage on Etsy.
Vintage tilt dolls hat from Flatiron Vintage on Etsy.
Amazing art deco ring from Art Deco Diamonds on Etsy.
Vintage fuchsia tilt hat from Coveted Castoffs on Etsy.
Vintage coral and pink celluloid brooch from Coveted Castoffs on Etsy.
Cotton voile 1950's party dress from Voila Vintage Clothing on Etsy.
And because I'm a giver, Santa, I'd like this  groovy getaway tent from Modcloth because my kids would go cuckoo- crazy over it. (You may have to get the elves working over-time because apparently the tent is out of stock)
Cheers Santa! Love to you and yours.
PS - We have left a key for you under the mat after that embarrassing and unfortunate incident involving our chimney of last year.
PPS - Hope Weight Watchers is going well.


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