Saturday, 24 November 2012

The bounty of Vinnies - a story of an unloved blue orphan

I was recently in one of my local op-shops, a Vinnies, when I heard a forlorn little cry from the back of the building. So I climbed over brown velour couches, hacked my way through a forest of denim, scaled piles of Lionel Ritchie and Wayne Newton records, and was briefly distracted by walls of books before being confronted by something that made my heart both sing and sob.
Look at this beauty! Yeah I know she is looking a little sad with her chipped blue paint exposing an awful green underneath. And those horrific ceramic handles. She was clearly embarrassed and lonely when I happened upon her, so I slowly approached ( so as not to startle her) and began the process of appraising all of her, albeit hidden, good points. Great size. Excellent structural condition. Handy storage. Dovetailed drawers. Mid century lines. Yep, I loved her and could see all of her potential and look past all of her little quirks. I ummed and ahhed for about a month as I already own a newish, perfectly serviceable TV cabinet. But my current cabinet doesn't have any personality or soul and this one does. And I have vowed that I would banish boring and mundane from my home and fill it with unusual, beautiful, crazy pieces full of character. So I bought her! Ans she had been reduced down to $28. Win! I have grand plans for my beauty (cue evil laugh), with her getting another shelf to house more of our TV paraphernalia, pretty glass handles and most of all some new paint. After losing myself In Pinterest and hunting down images of other oh so lovely and covetable cabinets like these ones below, I have decided on a turquoise/teal colour for my lovely. A post of the upcoming make-over will be following soon.

My grand plans extend to a hand made wall mounted shelving system, but I will keep that under my proverbial hat until I can pull it all together to unveil my grand-grand plan (whew! So many plans, so little time  - story of my life!)
So, thank-you bountiful Vinnies for providing so well, as you always do.

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