Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Do you want to know a secret?

I hate to admit this but there is an evil, horrible part of me that doesn't want me to tell you this. Remember the little cartoon devil that would sit on Sylvester's shoulder. I have one of those.  It is angrily hissing "No! Don't tell anyone! Keep it all for yourself!" But I shall be strong and virtuous and not listen to that naughty little voice (it also tells me to eat cake and chocolate all the time too!). For I have something wonderful to share with all of you vintage, antique and collectable loving people out there. I have seen heaven and it is truly wonderful! Imagine an enormous space full of every old and pre loved piece your heart has desired. Now imagine it bigger. Now bigger! Records - tick. Clothing - tick. China - tick. Jewellery - tick. Signs - tick. Hand bags - tick. Furniture - tick. Industrial pieces, farming paraphernalia, bikes, aboriginal artefacts, glass ware, material. The place has everything and MORE. I'm talking about the amazing space that is the Waverley Antiques Bazaar, and it is my nirvana. When I feel stressed or upset I imagine myself wandering in my happy place, the Waverley Antiques Bazaar and I instantly feel better. Now I'm not promising the same restorative and therapeutic powers for everyone but if you are looking for something cool, quirky or one of a kind for pretty reasonable prices  you had just better head down there.
The timber in these children's shoe lasts is gorgeous.

How great are theses colours. This sign makes me want ice-cream so bad!

Two fat ladies anyone?

Old typewriters are things of beauty.
Alas, none of these treasures came home with me. They are on my most coveted list though and when I win that elusive tattslotto they will be mine!

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