Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sunshine on a cloudy day

I'm a month in to the new job and I am exhausted. Mentally and physically exhausted.
Buggered. Drained. Knackered. Plum tuckered. Wiped out.
My new job is not only viciously kicking my butt, it is wiping the floor with me afterwards.
I know it is still early days and I am hoping it will all settle down, but lawdy, I'm just not sure if I am up to all this hard work. After I had kids I cut down to part time work (because as we all know being a mum is a full time job in itself!), but now circumstances have changed and I am back to working 5 days a week again in a high pressure management position and so, at the moment, there just doesn't seem time for much
 else in my life.
And I miss my life! I miss my kids. I miss my husband. I miss my friends. I miss my home. I miss my op shopping. I miss blogging.
And whilst I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all of my new residents, I have fast come to realise that with the disadvantaged backgrounds of my clients comes a whole ton of quirks, challenging behaviours, tricky personalities, and at times overt hostilities. I'm usually OK with getting cursed at (I bet I could even give them a run for their money with my potty mouth!), but there is one gentleman who appears to have taken akin to me in the strongest way, shooting me constant filthy looks as he walks past me, muttering obscenities all the way. Not only that, but he has also taken to stealing my things. I don't think I am special. He does behave like this with everyone, but as a freshie I think I just haven't quite learnt to cope with it yet.
On the whole I have come to love so many of my new residents, really enjoy collaborating with my co-workers and am in awe of all the amazing charitable work my company does, and I have grand plans for improvements and new activities to engage and entertain. If I can keep my eyes open and stop myself from fainting from sheer exhaustion!
I wore this ensemble way back when I first started my new job, and I have to say that I look a lot fresher than I do now. Definitely didn't have the enormous bags I'm sporting under my eyes at the moment. 
Pink always gives me a lift and this frock may have been completely unsuitable for our recent weather, but at least as I shivered and froze, I felt pretty.
So with all that is on my plate at the moment, I haven't had a chance to blog much, with kids, homework, and work taking precedence, and for that I am truly sorry. I try and grab spare moments to catch up on everyone's blogs but I apologise for not commenting. And as for my own blog, well, I have to attempt to squeeze a few more hours from the day and fit in some posts when I can. I adore blogging and feel so at home in the bloggy world, that I can't bear the thought of not being a part of it.
So for now, just a few happy cheerful frocks to pick me up as I groan and grumble.
I picked this buttery yellow vintage dress whilst op shopping one weekend and even though I have issues with the sleeves (I am just going to have to shorten them - I can't stand that elbow length!) I do love the sunshiny colour and geometric pattern.
And right now I need all the sunshine I can get!
Hopefully my life will settle down and I can achieve a beautiful balance of all aspects. Hmmm.
Is that really possible? Or is it always a mad scrabble of trying to fit it all in?
Any ideas on how to achieve balance? I'd love to hear your thoughts.